My TREK to the Wizard World Comic Con

To defend my geek credit, today I will blog about my recent journey to the Wizard World Comic Con held this year in Cleveland, Ohio.  Okay, I’m pretty sure my geek cred needs no defense.  But I digress.


First of all, this is February in Northeast Ohio, which means that travel conditions are iffy at best.  But neither howling winds nor blowing snow can stop this intrepid geek from white-knuckling his way to star struck glory.

IMG_0611   IMG_0610

Apparently, it can’t stop twenty thousand other people either.  This was by far the most crowded con I’ve ever been to.  PS.  If you can spot Waldo I’ll give you a cookie.


How it works.  You walk in to a grid of vendor booths hawking everything from action figures and games to Nintendo cartridges converted into drinking flasks.  (no kidding)

As you make your way toward the back, you’ll find the signing booths where you can pay 40 + dollars to get a celebrity’s autograph.  Or you can just walk by and snap a quick photo for free.


Look!  It’s Hershel from The Walking Dead!

Some booths have content creators who you can just walk up and talk to.  I was super stoked to meet John A. Russo, who co-wrote the original script for the classic film Night of the Living Dead.  Here’s a picture of the back of my head as I’m buying a copy of his graphic novel Escape of the Living Dead, which he signed for me.  Score!

IMG_0620 IMG_0148 IMG_0147

But this was only the beginning.  When Gail and I set out on this little journey, we had a very specific mission in mind.  GET OUR PHOTO TAKEN WITH BRUCE CAMPBELL.  That’s right, Ash himself was there and for a modest fee you could get your picture taken with him!

How this works.  You purchase your ticket in advance online and bring a printed voucher with you.  Once you’re there, you take the voucher up to a sign-in station and they give you a card which acts as your photo-op ticket.  They then give you a time when you’re to return and get in line, usually about a half an hour before the celebrity is ready to begin taking photos.

So we returned at the allotted time and got in line.  Up ahead was a booth covered by curtains.  This is where the photo will be taken.  You can’t see anything until it’s your time to go in.  Once the photo-op begins, you’re ushered in one by one, given about five seconds to say hi and snap a quick photo, and then you’re ushered out to make way for the next person in line.  All in all, you only have to wait in line for about a half an hour, pretty good considering the amount of people there.

So we did just that.

We took our voucher to the sign-in station, got our card, and waited for our five-seconds of screen time with the man himself.

And he didn’t disappoint.

While you’re waiting, you can’t see anything.  But when it’s your time to be ushered in…

Bam!  There we were with the one and only Sam Axe.

Like I said, it was brief but awesome.

They had us stand next to him and he said, “We’re going to pose like we’ve known each other a long time.”  Then snap.


We got the Bruce Campbell chin pose.

Love it.

Afterwards, we picked up our printed photo and continued to walk the con.  By now, the crowds were really kicking into high gear.  All around, people dressed as fantasy and comic characters came and went.


Look!  It’s Batman, the Joker, and Harley Quinn!

Take my advice. Wear comfortable shoes.  You’re on your feet a lot and there aren’t too many places to sit down.  Here’s us taking a brief siesta on a floor against a wall.


We had a lot of fun.  We found some cool swag, saw some cool people…


Look! It’s Adrian Paul from Highlander!

But we couldn’t let it rest at that.

Like I said, this was our TREK to Wizard Con.

And our trek would not be complete unless we got a photo of us with the Captain himself.  So we repeated the same process as we’d done with Bruce Campbell.   We took our voucher to the photo-op station.  We got our ticket.  We stood in line.  Waited patiently.  And finally, we were ushered into the curtain-covered booth, where….


We had our picture taken with the one and only, William Shatner!

Ah, what a day!  Geek cred is fully secured.

With the crowds super bulging and our mission to get photos with Bruce Campbell and William Shatner complete, we decided it was time to hit the snow-covered trail for home.

But before going, we had to stop at one more booth.


Why not cap the day off with one more snapshot?  This one’s of Gail with the Incredible Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno.

There’s only one thing I can say about that.



  1. Wow George this is great. very informative. I can’t believe you actually were in the same room with “Captain Kirk”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s geektastic! Is it possible you are related to the Shat? You sort of look alike in the picture!

    Liked by 1 person

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