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George Ebey first developed a passion for storytelling during college, when a creative writing course led him to produce a fully edited portfolio of speculative fiction stories. Since then, he has written numerous works in multiple genres and has had stories published in several anthologies. For over a decade, he has also served as a contributor to the International Thriller Writer’s online magazine, The Big Thrill.

George was born and raised in Ohio, where he still lives with his wife and an ornery cat. When he’s not writing, he enjoys being outdoors, vlogging on his YouTube channel, and searching for new and interesting places to explore.

He is the author of the Helen of Mars series published by Glass House Press Nocturnal.



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She always thought that Role Playing Games were safe. Until she ran into one that wasn’t.

Helen Hunter isn’t anything special. Just a techie teenager who likes to play online games, build custom robots, and test her skills in the occasional gaming competition.
She definitely isn’t looking to do anything more than that.
But when her mother falls ill, putting the entire family’s future at risk, she finds herself on a path that will take her beyond online games and into outer space.
To Mars.
There, a shady corporation called MARSCORP has a fleet of rovers mining ore on the Red Planet. Rovers controlled remotely by freelance operators on Earth. And her parents, desperate for the money to pay incoming medical bills, have just signed a contract for their own rover. Even worse, they’ve put everything on the line to cover the cost of it. The house. Their savings. Helen’s future.
Suddenly Helen is thrust into a world she can only see on a computer screen—a real-life RPG. And a game where the stakes are a whole lot higher than just having to go back to the start. The mission: Find enough ore to pay off the contract. The danger: a band of thieves intent on taking everything she earns.
Then she discovers that Mars is full of secrets. This is no simple mining operation. Someone else—someone who isn’t with MARSCORP—is gaming the system. Someone else is controlling those thieves.
And they’re intent on destroying operators like her parents.

Now in the fight of her life, she will learn just how dangerous some games can be… and how far some people will go to win.


DEBBI Updated Cover
Available as an E-book on Amazon, BN.com, and iBooks


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New mining and tech company MARSCORP promises that the sky is the limit. But people who invest quickly realize that once you’re in, it’s something else entirely: a game of thievery, skullduggery, and outright bravery—but only by some. A planet populated entirely by mechanical rovers, but full of monsters, just the same. Monsters born from human malice, desperation, greed.

Welcome to the world of Helen of Mars, tales of a not-too-distant future where the strong prey on the weak, and heroes are forged on the dusty surface of the Red Planet.


DEBBI & Other Stories From the Helen of Mars Universe
Helen of Mars is found in the Brave New Girls: Tales of Girls and Gadgets anthology.
The author has other great stories in the BNG: Stories of Girls who Science and Scheme  and in BNG: Tales of Girls Who Tech and Tinker.
All proceeds are donated to a scholarship for the Society of Women Engineers. Buy here

New article posted on Glass House Press: George Ebey

Mr. Ebey is also a contributing editor to the International Thriller Writer’s

online webzine, The Big Thrill.


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