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If you follow me here, you’ve probably seen some of my numerous posts about DEBBI and Other Stories in the Helen of Mars Universe. But I’ve said very little about the next release in the series. So here’s the skinny. The first feature-length Helen of Mars novel is set to land on April 13. It’s called Rover and continues the story of Helen (whom we meet in DEBBI) and the adventure she’s thrust into when she discovers the controls to a remote-control robot on Mars.

Getting to the point where this book is now a reality has been no small task. I’ve wanted to be an author ever since high school. If you knew me back then, you might remember me as that quiet kid with his nose stuck in a book between classes. What you didn’t know is that while I was reading those books, I was secretly dreaming of a day when I could offer up a novel-length work my own that was as professional and refined as the books I was reading.

In the ensuing years, I’ve tried. Boy have I tried. But it’s been a long road. I’ve put other things out there during that time, even a few short novels here and there. But those were smaller, more independent efforts. It’s always been my goal to do something big. To someday work with a professional publisher – pull out all the stops – and create something as worthy of your attention as any other book you’d find on the shelf at your venue of choice. I believe that Rover is that book. It’s been through numerous rounds with a professional editor and given as much polish and fine-tuning as we can possibly manage. We pulled out all the stops, and the proof – I believe – is there inside of its pages.  

Going back to that high school kid reading between classes, I can safely say that I’ve written millions of words of fiction between then and now. Most of it (for good reasons) never saw the light of day. But I was learning with each sentence, not to mention taking college courses, attending seminars, reading books about writing, and engaging in a million other little exercises, all designed to help me one day reach my goal. Now that day has come. Or at least, that day – April 13 – is coming up very soon.

Currently, the eBook for Rover is available for pre-sale for just .99 cents. I’m here to tell you, for all that went into making this a reality, that price is a BARGAIN. If hard copies are more your thing, that link is coming. But if you’re an eBook fan – or know somebody who is – I urge you to hit the link here and give it a shot. Pre-sales help guys like me. The more pre-sales we can generate, the easier it will be for other readers to discover it. If you’re interested in checking it out, here’s the link. I hope you enjoy Helen’s journey. For me, it was one that was well worth taking.

Pre-order HERE

DEBBI and Other Stories


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