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Broken Clock

For the people of Freemont Indiana, Henry Fontaine is their most enduring claim to fame. After a childhood spent as one of Freemont’s poorest farm boys, Henry rose from obscurity to become one of the most influential movie stars of the 1960’s, only to lose his life in a tragic motorcycle accident at age twenty-five.
Inspired by the films of Henry Fontaine, Lucy Cole has created the Fontaine Gallery, a museum of sorts that boasts the most comprehensive collection of Fontaine artifacts and memorabilia in the world. Lucy has always had a special love for Henry and believes that everyone else in Freemont does as well. But someone is harboring a dark hatred for the long-dead film star, and after Fontaine’s remains are stolen from the local cemetery, Lucy vows to do what she can to find out who’s responsible… (Available in print & e-book – Amazon or Barnes & Noble)

Dimensions: tales of suspense

For Leonard Macintyre, husband, father, businessman, and tyrant, music is not just a nuisance; it’s detested. But when a strange song comes to him, and never leaves, he quickly learns the value of a melody unleashed, and the fear of a mind about to break. In a perfect town, in a perfect neighborhood, with perfect friends, a family’s gorgeous new home becomes their terrifying new nightmare. For hidden beneath a mask of freshly cut lawns and well placed smiles lies a dark secret, one that won’t rest until it’s had its fill. These are just some of the terrifying tales that await you in this chilling new collection. From a distant world, eerily similar to our own, to a deadly Halloween party, where only the truly wicked survive, to a hidden encounter with the night’s tiniest flesh eaters, you are about to enter the dimensions of fear and suspense where few dare to tread and even fewer return. (Available in print & e-book – Amazon or Barnes & Noble)

The Red Bag

For Phil Parker and his wife, Macy, life in their quiet Midwest home is peaceful and idyllic. But their world is soon turned upside down when a mysterious acquaintance sends them a strange and alluring gift. It’s called the red bag. Once the cherished property of a long-dead film director, it has gained a reputation as a mysterious and valuable collector’s item.

Now in possession of this strange, yet fascinating prize, Phil attempts to track down the man who sent it to him. But his search is quickly halted when he learns that the man is dead, having been murdered just days after sending Phil the package.  He soon learns that the red bag is more than just a simple heirloom. It has a history all its own, one that will plunge Phil into a world of danger and greed, pitting him against forces that he never could have imagined, against people who value the red bag more than anything else in the world and will stop at nothing to get it. (Available in print & e-book – Amazon or Barnes & Noble)


  • Jennifer Novack has just received a disturbing call. Her kid sister, Monica, is on her way home from college when two of her tires suddenly explode. Now she is alone and scared, stranded on the outskirts of Widowfield, a sleepy little town in eastern Pennsylvania. With Monica’s cell phone about to die, Jennifer agrees to rush to her aid. Not wanting to go it alone, Jennifer recruits the help of the only person she can trust: her ex-boyfriend, Chris. With no one to turn to, Jennifer and Chris embark on their own frantic search to find Monica. They soon learn that buried deep within the woods is a little known mountain trail that leads to a very old, very secret place. Knowing that this may be their only hope, Jennifer and Chris take the trail, only to discover that they have been led into a den of evil. Now, in order to survive, they must unravel a small town’s shocking past, a past that just might destroy them all. (Available in print & e-book – Amazon or Barnes & Noble)


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